We are based in the city of Durban, South Africa, and have been providing consultancy services since 1999.


Daniel Wilson

Daniel (BA Hons, MA) has 15 years' experience in GIS, education sector analysis and database development. He specialises in information analysis and has developed numerous databases, decision-support tools and training courses for clients with a particular focus on resettlement. Daniel has worked throughout Africa and in his spare time likes to surf and play bass guitar.



Frank Sokolic

Frank (BSc, MSc) has many years' experience in GIS and is a widely respected GIS trainer. He also specialises in computer programming, database development and web page design. Frank enjoys demystifying GIS and building innovative webtools for sharing data. He promotes open source GIS and provides training in QGIS, MapServer and OpenLayers. Frank enjoys cricket, world travel and walking his dog.



Michela du Sart

Michela (BSc Hons) specialises in spatial analysis, high-level mapping, survey design and the preparation of spatially referenced databases for clients. She has a meticulous eye to detail and enjoys working on mapping projects and solving data problems for clients. Her hobbies include camping, birding, reading and keeping a house running with two kids.